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Unlocking India’s potential

The UK India Business Council (UKIBC) promotes business connections between the two countries. By providing insights, networks, policy advocacy, and market entry services, it supports businesses exploring the UK India corridor.


Thought leadership. Content. Publication design


UK India Business Council

Identity & Branding

Identity & Branding

“The UK India Business Council has had the pleasure of working with the super Magenta team on many projects over the last few years. From reviewing and improving our comms strategy, to drafting, editing, and designing our flagship publications, they have been an important partner in the UKIBC’s success. We can always rely on Magenta to deliver top quality, on time, and in a spirit of collaboration.”

Kevin McCole, Managing Director, UK India Business Council


Define: The 21st century belongs to India. It became the world’s fifth-largest economy in 2022 and the most populous in 2023. The nation is teeming with opportunities and talent. Companies in both counties turn to UKIBC for support in exploring the potential. In the last five years, UKIBC has helped more than 350 businesses. Our objective was to showcase its clients' success stories.

Design: The format we chose was a series of reports. Each stands alone. Together, they paint a comprehensive picture of India’s huge potential. We brought stories to life using a journalistic approach. We talked to UKIBC clients and other industry leaders with first-hand experience. Additional research gave us supporting data that bolstered the stories. The reports hold a wealth of content, insight, and practical advice.

Deliver: ‘Turning to India for Talent’ presents India's skilled workforce as the solution to the worldwide talent shortage. ‘Beacon of Light’ highlights how India's ambitious net zero mission is opening doors for innovators and change-makers. ‘Art of the Possible’ showcases how, by including India in their supply chains, companies can attain scale, agility, and innovation. 


The reports are supported by social media assets to boost their visibility and reach.

India explored and explained

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