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In 2025, 2 million young Indians will pack their bags and embark on overseas study. They’ll spend £55 billion.
Our report looks at what motivates those young people and what UK universities can do to take a bigger share of the market.

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Thought leaders help us chart a course through uncertainty.

Whether your organisation is new to B2B thought leadership or an experienced hand, this handbook is packed with practical tips. It is designed for leaders who want their ideas to stand out.

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Download your free copy and you’ll find:

  • Insights from global practitioners at the top of their game

  • A 3D process to define, design, and deliver compelling content

  • Seven steps for highly effective thought leadership

  • The one question that you need to answer

  • Case studies putting theory into practice

“magenta succeeded where others hadn’t because they are equally motivated by an obsession to communicate effectively.”
– Kavan Bhandary, Global Director, Corporate Intelligence, Wavteq
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The art of fresh thinking
Webinar 1
Decision makers have a thirst for novel ideas. Most of what they are served fails to hit the spot.
Webinar 2
Ideas are not incubated in the heads of individuals. Thought leaders tap the thinking of crowds.
Webinar 3
A winning thought leadership program requires three contributors - expert, Sherpa, and creator.
  • Shoba Purushothaman, Co-founder of Hardskills
  • Abhijit Shanker, communications chief, and columnist
  • Mark Hannant, author and entrepreneur
  • Cameron Webb, branding guru
  • Gyan Nagpal, author and workforce futurist
  • Ruby Thapar, corporate reputation advisor
  • John Winsor, Founder/Chairman at Open Assembly
  • Ashley Beaudoin, Founder & principal at UntapSocial
  • Ritika Arya, Creative director at magenta
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