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We are a multidisciplinary creative studio that specialises in B2B brand communication.

Think pink. The magenta way.

Using our creativity—as thinkers and planners, makers and designers, writers and editors, project managers and problem solvers—to bring ideas to life and create beauty.


The work, we take seriously. Ourselves, not so much. 

Bringing a splash of colour to the world of B2B branding and communications.

Applying a 3D approach to help enterprises, institutes, and communities, achieve their goals by engaging the people that matter to them.

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Ash Lewate

task tamer

Techie, foodie, and a go-getter, Ash is an ex-UTIian with experience in sales and marketing. He has a hunger for learning and growth.

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Devang Makwana

graphics guru

Magazine magician, typographer, and artist, Devang has a background in publications. For 11 years he was head of design at National Geographic India. 

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Krishna Kapadia

creative alchemist

Bookdragon, traveller, and coffee guzzler. Krishna studied Communication Arts & Design in New Zealand. She turns information into art with an eye for detail.

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Manisha Gandhi

book balancer

Finance wizard, traveller, and old-school music lover. Manisha keeps our accounts flowing and effortlessly navigates the realm of taxes and invoices.

Mark Hannant

Magenta Alphabets-07.png

fresh thinker

Entrepreneur, author, and amateur chef, Mark has been a pioneer of brand and corporate communications for two decades. In 2009, he swapped London for Mumbai.

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deal maker

Needhi Bharmani

Mountain lover, gardener, and number whiz. Needhi is our strategic genius and master negotiator. She handles maze-like projects and manages key accounts with perfect calm.

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Shafi Shaikh

write brain

Amateur dramatist, games geek and business writer, Shafi is our resident wordsmith. He is a master of the well turned phrase and a ruthless editor.

Vidisha Patel

Magenta Alphabets-10.png

type cast

Caffeine addict, graphic artist and illustrator, Vidisha is a multi-disciplinary designer. She’s a bold user of colour with an eye for detail and great campaign design skills.


Dream bigger. Make better.

With multiple stakeholders to satisfy, your chances of success are greatly improved when you have a clear strategy that engages people on their terms. We work with business leaders to find original communications solutions to tough business objectives.

As communications designers, we apply design in the service of great communications. We are skilled at making the complex simple, celebrating elegance, building frameworks and introducing best practice. Our design thinking is solutions oriented.

Great concepts are most potent when rigorously executed. We’re disciplined in breathing life into the new and innovative ideas we bring to the table and pedantic about crossed ‘t’s, dotted ‘i’s, widows and orphans, and the correct use of the Oxford comma. 

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