Framing the future of work

Open Assembly's Center for the Transformation of Work (CTW) operates at the forefront of the open talent economy, providing content, consultancy and community to enterprises, platforms, and talent. magenta is a founding contributor.



Thought leadership, infographic design, strategic communications

Open Assembly

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Define: The challenge was to communicate complex, emerging ideas with clarity and authority. The nascency of the organisation and 'open' nature of the community placed an onus on co-creation led by a diverse group of volunteers. Working together with several workstreams, magenta organised output and developed a design and communications framework around which volunteers could contribute.

Design: We facilitated a series of workshops to originate content and contributions. Participants were distributed across the globe and industry sectors. We navigated varied cultural and business contexts, based on which the visual identity and brand language for CTW were devised.

Deliver: Over six months, we produced educational material to publicise and explain the open talent economy. They are designed to be modular and can be added to as the community expands, and the market for open talent becomes more established. 

01. magenta website-Open Assembly-Infogr

Infographic: A distillation of work from several collaborators, the infographic illustrated the shift from formerly closed ecosystems to the new world of on-demand talent.
It shows the potential benefits for companies adopting these practices and the phases of adoption.

We brought design and communication discipline to multi-party collaboration. The result is a set of tools that make a complex, evolving trend accessible to a large segment of professionals.