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Shaping the language of the open talent economy

Open Assembly is a community exploring the future of work. Members come from academia, talent platforms, enterprises, and the freelance world. It offers a forum for debate as well as learning materials and consulting services.


Thought leadership, infographic design, strategic communications


“magenta masterfully synthesised the collective knowledge of the community to create a playbook that quickly gives an overview of the open talent opportunity and steps for success. It forms an integral part

of my upcoming book and will be used as a critical pillar for informing our consulting training and certification program.”
John Winsor, CEO and Founder, Open Assembly

02. magenta website-Open Assembly-handbook-Mockup-1.png.png

Define: The gig economy, crowdsourcing, and open talent are all new concepts. The marketplace lacks common language. The playbook’s purpose is to set some context and offer a roadmap for enterprises to adopt open talent strategies. It must be accessible to a wide group of users. The brief was to offer practical tips and show the journey from theory to practice.

Design: We began by creating a detailed outline for the playbook. At its heart is a flywheel with six stages. Chapters explain what happens as a company moves through those stages and adopts an open talent strategy. The page templates are clean and simple. A minimalistic approach to graphics means they don’t overshadow the text. The colour scheme is consistent with the Open Assembly website.

Deliver: The playbook is an example of open talent in action. The team was made of contributors in the USA, Europe and India who had not previously worked together. The project was managed as a series of sprints. Expert coordination was needed to get through a complex approvals process.

01. magenta website-Open Assembly-handbook-Mockup-1.png

The ideas in the playbook contribute to a course on Open Talent and Open Innovation, which will begin next year at Harvard Business School.

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