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Building community and connection

Crossing borders is easy; finding the right people remains tough. A communications revamp proved to be the unlikely hero in strengthening a network of businesspeople with UK-India interests.


Digital content, website design, internal communications


British Business Group

"magenta has been an active and vocal member of the BBG Mumbai chapter for a decade. Their contributions have been many and varied: our logo was designed in their studio and over the years they’ve lifted our game on communications. Most recently that’s involved an embrace of digital and the emergence of a social presence via LinkedIn. That has helped us keep our community engaged while we’ve been unable to meet in person."

Surendra Rosha, CEO, HSBC India








Define: British Business Group is a platform for networking, exchanging professional information, and keeping up to date with developments in UK-India trade relations. The network sought a communications strategy that fostered greater interaction between its members.

Design: The Group issued a quarterly printed magazine with long-form information and insights. Over time, we converted its format into a monthly digital newsletter with easily consumable bite-sized snippets. This transformation made the Group's communications more frequent and contemporary.

Deliver: Members looked forward to leaner yet impactful updates on international developments, the city they reside in, and their peers. Armed with icebreakers for monthly meetings, they built deeper networks and relationships.


Monthly newsletter

The newsletter brought urgent topics to the fore. We also interviewed members to highlight their businesses and current affairs opinions. Informal stories on fun and creative things to do around the city struck a balance between work and play.

Network website

We gave the BBG website a makeover. Turned modern and slick, it exemplifies the personality of the Group.

Event communications

Communication design for their monthly meeting served to increase member attendance. We also facilitated the conversion of in-person meet-ups into virtual galas.

By interviewing BBG members, we crafted unique stories that strengthened the network and fostered interactions between the community.

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