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Localising global communications: From Mumbai to the world

Organisations struggle to strike the balance of centralised control and distributed freedom to express themselves. A bespoke solution for CFA Institute allows the world's largest membership body for investment professionals to do just that.


Brand design, event branding, multilingual communication


CFA Institute

"magenta is responsive, creative, and a pleasure to work with – a true partner in getting to the best solution."
Amy Wells, Director, Global brand, CFA Institute

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Define: CFA Institute has a powerful global presence but needed to engage audiences in ways that resonate locally. magenta led the development of a multi-channel suite of communications that ensured the global brand's integrity while personalising the message with local flair. 

Design: Working within the strict brand identity parameters, magenta balanced consistency with multilingual communication and localised design aesthetics.


This required taking into account stakeholder interests at global, national, and regional levels. We established global templates and guidelines that allowed a decentralised approach to content creation.  

Deliver: A dedicated studio team in Mumbai serves the needs of CFA Institute and CFA Societies across the globe—from Hawaii to Melbourne. Our account managers coordinate with marketing teams across three continents, and juggle multiple projects with tight deadlines, efficiently.

Event templates

Local CFA Societies have access to a range of approved templates. Using them provides a degree of freedom to customise communications for events in their district.

Multilingual publications

We translate and design publications in Arabic and Chinese for CFA Societies in those regions.

06. magenta website-CFA-Rebranding-Mocku

CFA Institute enjoys the best of both worlds. Centralised studio capabilities that ensure consistency and cost benefits. And freedom for regional communicators to deliver communications that meet local needs. 

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