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Restructuring sales material around ‘jobs to be done’

Dow in India offers a web of products and solutions to enterprise customers. It wanted to better communicate the universe of products and their relevance to its customers.

Identity & Branding

Identity & Branding


Identity & Branding


The Dow Chemical Company

“The team is a great combination of out-of-the-box, strategic and creative thinking. Resourceful, professional, multi-talented and fun. The international experience they bring to their work brings a new dimension to communications.”

Ruby Thapar, Former Director, Public Affairs, Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd

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Define: Our task was to develop a sales enablement strategy to help Dow India teams cross-sell products and solutions. We saw that sales teams were structured around sectors and not customer needs. This meant organic new business opportunities were being missed.

Design: We first held workshops with the communication, sales, marketing and product teams to reframe sales communications around a ‘Jobs to be Done’ framework. Working with business and technology leaders, we reorganised Dow’s product offering around fundamental problems that customers needed to be solved.

Deliver: Taking a customer-first view, we distilled Dow India’s universe of offerings into a single document that spoke the customers’ language. Customers could quickly see Dow solutions relevant to their various needs, and sales teams could spot opportunities to cross sell additional solutions.

03. magenta website-Dow Chemicals-Capabi

Sales-enablement roadmap

Taking inspiration from the iconic London Underground map, customer needs were mapped and colour coded against the relevant industry. The map was the central theme in a series of brochures organised around capabilities and applications given to supply chain partners and customers. The colour coding helped customers find the appropriate applications, case studies or technical reports that met their needs. It won plaudits from across Dow.

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By shifting the sales approach from organisational hierarchy and towards a customer-centric approach, we empowered Dow's India team to open up new revenue streams from within the existing product portfolio.

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