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Capturing the excitement of lab life

The Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH) produces cutting edge research into business, scientific, and social trends. Its alumni are innovators, business leaders, and boundary breakers.


Annual report, publication design, content creation


Identity & Branding

Identity & Branding

“Magenta’s iterative process makes it very helpful to find the right look and feel for something that can be very complicated to explain. We were delighted with the language and use of color in the design.” 

Jin H. Paik

General Manager & Senior Researcher, LISH

Define: Our task was to make academic content appealing to a broad audience. The starting point was to find a structure that could accommodate a huge diversity of material and a format that gives readers both an overview of complex subjects, and instant, clickable access to more detailed reports, papers, cases, and data. The ‘un-box’, which appears on the cover and throughout the publication, represents the fact that much of the work done at LISH exists at the intersections of science, business, and society. It gave us a way of organising the report.

Design: Colour is used to denote four sections on: Emerging Innovation, AI and Digital Transformation, Science of Innovation, and Researchers. The deconstructed box provides a set of shapes that form spaces to hold information as the sections unfold. The page template is versatile and accommodates varied content. A blend of stock imagery, illustration, and photographs of real people gives pace and character.

Deliver: The publication houses a huge amount of information. Each section is clearly signposted. Every story has room to breathe and multiple entry points. Achieving this balance required a close collaboration between editorial and design so that all elements work in harmony. It’s an interactive publication and offers readers great opportunity to explore the areas that interest them. The result is a serious, but vibrant and accessible, round up of a busy year at the Lab and a look ahead to an exciting future.

15. magenta website-LISH AR-Mockup-3-v1.png

Our team brought a mix of fresh and creative ideas to create a brochure that both captured the essence of the company and presented the capabilities in a well-thought-out manner.

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