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Blending technology and storytelling

DuPont is addressing the growing demand for clean and safe water. It is investing to conserve the depleting supply of water resources and look for solutions for water reuse.


Capability brochure


Identity & Branding

Identity & Branding

01. magenta website-dupont-Mockup-1.png

Define: After a demerger and a series of acquisitions, DuPont’s water solutions business needed to show itself to the world anew. The capability brochure tells a story of how it brings clean water to hundreds of millions of people. The task is to explain various technologies, and how they impact the many sectors in which DuPont is present. Although the audience is local, the style is international, and consistent with DuPont’s global brand language.

Design: The brochure is designed to be as informative as possible. Each section is supported by appropriate graphics. The technology section uses icons; images accompany the process section; for the applications and industries, we opted for a blue colour scheme.

The overall design aspect was planned in accordance with the information provided.

Deliver: The brochure is detailed and process oriented but accessible to a wide audience. It blends technical content and storytelling. It exists in a digital format and supports sales and marketing activity for the business in India.

Our team brought a mix of fresh and creative ideas to create a brochure that both captured the essence of the company and presented the capabilities in a well-thought-out manner.

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