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Tracking trends in trade

Wavteq uses a content marketing strategy to position itself as a knowledge partner in the trade and investment sector. Its client base spans companies in developed and emerging markets.


Content creation, drafting content strategies


Identity & Branding

Identity & Branding

“Our strategy was to make sense of

urgent, rapidly evolving, global
investment and trade trends for our audience. magenta focused on understanding the context and root causes of complex issues to achieve the desired messaging and communications style. They succeeded where others hadn’t because they are equally motivated by our obsession to communicate an esoteric subject effectively.”

Kavan Bhandary, Global Director, Corporate Intelligence, Wavteq


Define: We worked with Wavteq’s leadership team to develop a library of content ideas. The objective was to showcase the firm as an opinion leader and knowledge partner with data to back up its views of trends in trade. We built a monthly publishing calendar.

Design: We agreed on a format

for blogs and other assets. Our process involves research, interview, outline, and the drafting. It works effectively. The content appeals to a community which is well-versed in macro-economic concepts.

Deliver: We publish monthly blogs on a range of subject of interest to Economic Development Organizations. They act as proof of Wavteq’s superior date modelling and achieve a host of marketing goals including-50% increase in the relevant audience following on LinkedIn and a high number of in-bound leads for consulting projects.

Our fresh thinking and compelling content helped Wavteq establish itself as a thought leader in the world of trade and investment.

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