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Disrupting business as usual for family offices

The world of family offices is secretive, trust is hard earned, and client relationships go back decades. How does a young startup establish itself as a power player in such an environment?


Brand design, thought leadership, publication design


"Working with magenta to create the Family Office 4.0 brand is an exercise in how internal and external teams should collaborate."

Chirag Nanavati, Managing Director, Asset Vantage

01. magenta website-AV-Family Office 4.0

Define: Through its cloud-based solutions, Asset Vantage (AV) brings the technology 4.0 revolution to family offices. They needed to establish trust and credibility in the eyes of the market. Together with the founders of AV, we crafted Family Office (FO) 4.0, a ground-breaking thought leadership platform.

Design: To help their customers realise the power of the family office, AV needed to clarify the myths and urban legends around the concept. We helped AV launch the FO4.0 platform to shake up the industry and get people talking.

Deliver: Through the platform, AV engages existing and prospective customers with high-value content, which has increased brand resonance and reduced lead-conversion time.

The Family Office 4.0 platform

We tapped into AV's relationships with industry experts to create bespoke thought leadership content that resonated with the family office professionals and principals alike.

The FO4.0 website functions as a repository of expert knowledge, industry insights and continuing education for AV customers.

07. magenta website-AV-AIP emailers-Mock

Drexel AIP

Through its partnership with Drexel University, AV offers Analyzing Investment Performance (AIP), a for-credit training module, for family office professionals. During the pandemic, the program was forced online.


magenta created a recognisable brand identity to help it stand out from other webinars and courses available. The new identity helped raise trust and credibility of the program in the participants' eyes.

06. magenta website-AV-AIP branding-Mock
02. magenta website-AV-Booklet Mockup-v2

The Family Office Handbook

We distilled expert opinions and industry best practices into a must-have handbook for family office professionals. The design team developed a distinctive style to help the content stand out in a sea of sameness.

The campaign was supported with:

  • A year-long social media and email marketing strategy

  • An intuitive landing page

  • Effective project management to ensure speedy delivery of projects

  • Implementation of a RACI matrix to prevent cost and resource creep

The Family Office 4.0 platform was met with industry acclaim, earning Asset Vantage a nomination for Family Wealth Report’s Outstanding Contribution to Wealth Management Thought Leadership Award, 2021.

FO4.0 elevates AV's market perception and positions it not just as a technology startup but as a global expert in the business of family offices.

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