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Rebranding a trusted academic institution

Educational institutions face intense competition, and evolving demographic needs, compelling them to walk a fine line between tradition and modernity. 


Visual identity, publication design


American School of Bombay

03. magenta website-ASB-Brand guidelines

Define: India's education market is highly competitive with well-funded new entrants challenging the status of established players such as The American School of Bombay (ASB). Repositioning it as the 'School for the Future', magenta developed a rebrand that would boast of its legacy while touting a contemporary approach to education.

Design: We reimagined the school's logo and crafted a contemporary identity supported with a bold and energetic colour palette. It recognised the institution's pedigree as a trusted market leader and amplified its appeal with a future-facing narrative.

Deliver: Rebranding requires coordinated effort and synchronised planning. We made the most of the school holidays to unveil the new identity across multiple touchpoints, including the school buildings.

05. magenta website-ASB-Mugs-Mockup-2-v1
07. magenta website-ASB-Handbook-Mockup-

Visual identity

We retained elements of the existing logo and refurbished them in an elegant, digital-friendly style. The new colour palette combined the tradition and authority of green and purple tones while introducing bold new colours that nod to India's vibrancy and its modern outlook.

Bespoke handbooks

Each year, the school publishes a set of guides, foundational to fostering communication between the school, its students, and their parents. The new handbooks prominently display work produced by the children. By making these works a permanent fixture of the school's legacy, we established a lasting bond with the students.

The new look represented a powerful remake that reflected the school's tradition and history while championing its ambitious 21st-century world view.

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