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World Music Day
Salomi Shah, 21st June 2019
The big fat new age Indian wedding
Needhi Bharmani, Apurva Kadam and Salomi Shah, 25th March 2019
The Online Showdown
, 22nd February 2019
Chinese New Year
Dhanya Menon and Salomi Shah, 5th February 2019
India Budget 2019
Apurva Kadam, Salomi Shah and Needhi Bharmani, 2nd February 2019
Kumbh Mela
magenta, 25th January 2019
Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019
Salomi Shah and Jaideep Dave, 18th January 2019
Curating interesting facts on disruptive technologies
teammagenta, 24th December 2018
Discovering two sides of Cincinnati
Munni Trivedi, 18th December 2018
16th edition of the Mexico Business Summit
Mark Hannant & Salomi Shah, 16th November 2018
For the love of lipsticks and colours
Salomi Shah, 12th November 2018
Music to my soul
Salomi Shah, 26th September 2018
Losing to find oneself among books
Anusha Singh, 20th September 2018
Ice and fire and tech
Salomi Shah, 11th September 2018
Section 377 is no more. Did someone sprinkle pixie dust on us?
Anusha Singh, 10th September 2018
Being human, sharing gift of loving kindness
Anusha Singh, 3rd September 2018
Building a dream team
Needhi Bharmani, 21st August 2018
Creating kinetic typography - the magenta way!
Apurva Kadam and Salomi Shah, 12th July 2018
'Connect'ing Indo-British businesses
Dhanya Menon, 6th July 2018
Lights! Camera! Action! In Bengaluru
Anusha Singh & Dhanya Menon, 27th June 2018
Design Fabric Festival
Ritika Arya, 27th April 2018
Watch magenta in action in Delhi!
teammagenta, 20th April 2018
Salomi Shah, 30th March 2018
Geometric Simplicity
Salomi Shah, 12th March 2018
Happy Women's Day
teammagenta, 8th March 2018
Want A Career Shift? Anusha Singh’s Move From Law To Creative Agency Has Pointers For Us All
Parul Sharma from Women's Web, 1st March 2018
Lufthansa’s new branding takes off
Salomi Shah, 16th February 2018
Infographic: Unpacking the 2018 Union Budget
Team Magenta, 5th February 2018
Salomi Shah, 2nd February 2018
Are social media buttons an effective way to support global issues?
Dhanya Menon, 29th January 2018
Interview: Sidd Gandhi, KyePot - dreams and savings schemes
Soumik Roy, 16th January 2018
Interview: Pranshu Maheshwari, SimpleMoney - on track for investment tracking
Soumik Roy, 8th January 2018
Designing Your CX: Using cognitive bias to your advantage
Soumik Roy, 2nd January 2018
Leadership is on the Cusp of Reinvention - How About you?
Anusha Singh, 2nd October 2017
High risk high returns - Lessons learnt from a weekend in Srinagar
Anusha Singh, 11th May 2017
When patriotism turns pretentious, I wonder who benefits.
Anusha Singh, 12th February 2017
In a topsy-turvy world, India looks like a beacon of growth and stability
Mark Hannant, 11th January 2017
Say It With Pictures: Communicate creatively
Salomi Shah, 11th January 2017
AI is set to take your job - Whether you're a doctor or journalist or customer rep
Soumik Roy, 10th January 2017
Brexit: A remarkable decision by the English HC on Art 50 of the EU treaty
Anusha Singh, 28th November 2016
PM May's minor visa concessions won't unlock the potential of UK-India business
Mark Hannant, 11th November 2016
The Fintech Ecosystem: Beyond Startups
Soumik Roy, 7th October 2016
Lessons learnt from dealing with dissent
Mark Hannant, 20th September 2016
Demographics suggest disruption needed in financial services in India
Soumik Roy, 25th July 2016
Gateway House serves up a lively foreign policy dialogue
Mark Hannant, 15th June 2016
India's millennials are bringing disruption to their workplaces. Their bosses are struggling to cope.
Mark Hannant, 29th April 2016
Transform your business with Postmodern ERPs
Soumik Roy, 19th April 2016
Digital technology and a flood of millennials are disrupting India's workplaces
Mark Hannant, 11th April 2016
Losing to find oneself among books
Anusha Singh, 30th November 1999

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